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When applying to graduate jobs it can hard to keep on top of  what stage you are at with each of your applications. Every employer has different deadlines and different requirements for their application process.


What seems to be increasingly more common is extensive online testing followed by American style "super days" whereby you will be invited to interview along with 20 other candidates on a single day. The morning will consist of tests and multiple interviews with junior members of staff following which around half the candidates will get sent home at lunch time. The successful candidates will then have a couple more interviews in te afternoon with more senior members of staff following which job offers will be made. For many of the larger consultancies taking on 10-20 graduates, there will be multiple super days.

Below is a download link for an excel spreadsheet that will help you keep organised during your job applications. It allows you to easily see what you have completed and what you have upcoming so you are always best prepared.

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