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Content Contributor

Location: Remote
Hours: Flexible
Salary: Competitive


At Grad Interview Prep we have a focus on practical advice that can immediately improve a candidates chances of receiving a job offer.
We are a fun bunch of 20-something's that have all been through the graduate interview process recently and can sympathise with the frustrations and emotional stress of getting onto the career ladder.
Step into the role of a Content Contributor to increase the amount of interview advice we give, provide real insights into the most recent application processes and share ideas on how to best prepare for upcoming interviews or online assessments.
What we are looking for in a Content Contributor:
  • Ability to write with authority about different subjects

  • Recent experience of applying to graduate jobs

  • Self motivated and willing to work remotely

  • Excellent spelling and grammar

  • Experience in blog writing is a bonus

If you are interested in becoming a contributor then please complete the form below with 500 words on a recent interview experience you had detailing what went well, what could have been better and what you would do differently if given the chance.


Thanks for submitting!

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