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Diagrammatical Reasoning Tests are Proving Popular

Diagrammatical reasoning is the lesser known cousin of numerical reasoning. It is the identification of patterns. For some, this is something that comes naturally and for others it is completely alien. They are a test of your ability to apply logical reasoning to problems and is thought to be a good indicator of problem solving skills. 

Whilst these tests can be difficult, as with all methods of testing they get easier with practice. There is also a neat set of rules that will get you to the right answer 80% of the time making them incredibly powerful if you remain disciplined throughout the test.

The most common patterns are:

  • Move up

  • Move down

  • Move left

  • Move right

  • Move diagonally

  • Rotation clockwise

  • Rotation anti-clockwise

  • Mirror horizontally

  • Mirror vertically

  • Mirror diagonally

  • Alternating colours

  • Alternating positions

In a diagrammatical reasoning test you are looking to identify sequences such as these as quickly as possible and it is useful to start with a single object and follow its path through each image, this usually allows you to eliminate one or more of the potential answers. For example following the top row of images we need to decipher whether A,B,C or D come next:

Taking the triangle in the top left corner of the first box we can follow its path: top left > top right > bottom right > bottom left. This appears to follow a clockwise rotation around the box so we can assume that the correct answer will have a triangle in the top left, this means that B is the correct answer.

To confirm this we can take another shape, the square in the bottom right and follow its path as well: bottom right > bottom left > top left > top right. Another clockwise rotation suggesting the answer would have a square in the bottom right corner. Therefore, we can now be certain that B is the correct answer.

Not all sequences will be as straightforward as that example and there may be two sequences happening simultaneously but the same process applies. 

Tip: Most online tests are negatively marked. It is better to not answer than to guess!

As you may expect, performance on diagrammatical reasoning tests is directly correlated with the amount of practice. You can download our free practice questions to get a head start.

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