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**Now full - I will try and work out a way of providing more free support as soon as I can**

Free advice and mentorship 

A good friend of mine, Jack Fischer,  is offering to provide free advice and mentorship to five students or graduates that are applying to jobs right now. 

He has a sociology degree from the University of Bath and is now a trained and fully qualified commercial pilot, graduating from one of the top flight schools in the world, CAE Oxford.

After achieving top grades at flight school he is now one of the only junior pilots to graduate with a job given the current circumstances.


He has one of the coolest jobs I know and most recently has spent 8 weeks in carrying out patrols for illegal fishing boats.


With some time off now Jack is offering to help five ambitious and committed people with their applications and preparations including a phone call, cv and cover letter review and with Jack it will always be a good laugh.

You can check out his LinkedIn profile for yourself here:

If you would like  to work with Jack and take advantage of his generous offer then fill in the form below.



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