Free Guide to EY-Parthenon Consulting Case Interviews

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

  1. Overview

  2. What EY-Parthenon are looking for

  3. EY-Parthenon application process

  4. Types of interview

  5. Case interview

  6. Tips

1. Overview

EY-Parthenon is the strategy consulting practice of the big four accounting firm, Ernst & Young. The company was founded in Boston in 1991 by an ex-Bain consultant and now has 45 offices in 25 countries.

The Parthenon acquisition was made in 2014 and followed similar acquisitions from other Big Four firms Deloitte and PwC who acquired Monitor and Booz & Co respectively.

Every year EY-Parthenon receive thousands of applications for their job vacancies and are known to have a rigorous recruitment process with multiple case interviews.

2. What EY-Parthenon are looking for

EY-Parthenon look for more personality traits than any other strategy consulting firm we have looked at with 10 in total:

Accountable – In the EY-Parthenon strategy practice junior consultants rapidly assume a level of responsibility on their projects. This means that the consultants need to be comfortable with taking accountability for their work when working with senior colleagues and clients.

Adaptable – Strategy consultants work across industries and work on unique problems that do not have an off-the-shelf solution. That means that consultants need to adapt to industries, niches and problems in order to deliver high quality solutions for their clients.

Agile - The way that strategy consulting projects are structured means they are fast-paced and constantly changing. Teams that are agile and can flex as priorities change are the most efficient.

Analytical - Client projects typically include an element of data analysis and the datasets are often fragmented and incomplete. EY-Parthenon expect their consultants to be able to able to conduct analysis quickly and competently.

Curious - Each project is different in strategy consulting and requires new research to develop the understanding of the project team. Consultants that are naturally curious learn quickly and are motivated to understand new concepts which is hugely beneficial to the project team.

In the know - Interestingly EY-Parthenon place an emphasis on consultants being up to date with current affairs. It benefits their ability to understand the client’s current challenges.

Numbers savvy - With analysis being a common element of strategy consulting projects being numbers savvy is a non-negotiable for EY-Parthenon. Calculations and analysis often needs to be performed at pace.

Resilience - The fast-pace and ever changing nature of strategy consulting projects means that completed work is often discarded and good work is often morphed by seniors. Resilience and self-belief is required to continually produce work when reward can sometimes be infrequent.

Strong communication - The concept of upward as well as downward communication is promoted at EY-Parthenon. Communicating workload, estimated delivery times and when you need further support is imperative to project momentum. Communication is the key to producing high quality work at pace.

Team player - All consultants are expected to be good team players as each project will have different team members and there is little time to build rapport and relationships. Good team players can hit the ground running and work effectively in any team.

3. EY-Parthenon application process

There are four stages to the EY-Parthenon application process:

The interview process at EY-Parthenon begins with a resume and cover letter submission online. Their typical recruitment cycle is in the Autumn each year but they do sometimes hire off-cycle, especially at smaller network firms. They are looking for candidates that reflect their desired traits in their applications along with strong academic records and relevant experience.