What do Consultants at McKinsey, Bain and BCG do?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

1) Company profiles

2) Project examples

3) Notable alumni

McKinsey, Bain & Company and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), are known as the ‘Big Three’ of the consulting industry and are the largest and most well-established strategy consulting firms globally.

Strategy consulting is a branch of consulting that focuses on providing advisory services on a specific area of business operations for clients, usually working together with the board of directors and executive team.

As such, consultants at the ‘Big Three’ tend to work across a variety of industries on projects to formulate new and sustainable strategies that will improve organisational performance for the client company.

The following article aims to provide a comparison between all three firms, explaining what differentiates each one in terms of the industries they work and specialise in, the kind of projects they have taken on in the past and the notable alumni from these firms, to give you a better understanding of what sets them apart.

Company profiles

Each of these firms has their own niches and specialisations in the types of services they provide to clients as well as certain industries and markets where they are leaders in providing consulting services.


Founded in 1926, McKinsey is the oldest of the three companies, and the largest by revenue too. Over the years, McKinsey has had experience offering consulting services in private and public sectors for various organisations across the world.

As a result, McKinsey has client expertise in a broad range of business operations such as innovation and technology, operations, management, media, research and development and customer relationship management.

Similarly, the company has a large variety of industry practices ranging from aviation and defense to healthcare systems and services to travel, tourism and transport infrastructure. Its large size and strong reputation means that McKinsey has deep client relationships across diverse industries with a particularly large body of work done in the public sector. The company currently serves many Fortune 500 leading companies. A full range of all the industries McKinsey currently operates in can be found on their website- here.

In terms of how individual employees can specialise in a particular industry, McKinsey tends to hire both undergraduates and MBA graduates who are filtered into a subject matter expert or a general track depending on their past experiences. Because they value diversity in knowledge and experience, McKinsey tend to consider applicants who come from all types of backgrounds such as engineering, medicine, etc., as well as business or economics related degrees or work experiences.


Founded in 1963, BCG has also worked across various industries globally. It is the second largest consulting firm in the world by revenue (second to McKinsey) and operates worldwide, with many high profile client organisations and government bodies, similar to McKinsey.

The company is a leader in innovative strategy consulting, focusing on business growth and development, with deep knowledge of various business operations such as retail, mergers, and acquisitions. BCG not only has strategy consulting services, but has also diversified into other areas such as ‘data science, technology and design, digital ventures and business purposes.’

BCG prides itself on having industry expertise in ‘every significant industry’ and have built a strong reputation through the work they have done in various sectors, ranging from automotive mobility to biopharmaceuticals, transport, consumer products and retail, to name a few. Some leading organisations BCG has worked with include Virgin Atlantic, Volkswagen, Indian National Railways and the NHS.

Employees at BCG, similar to McKinsey are able to specialise in an industry early on in their careers depending on their education and past experiences, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of the market area they are working in. BCG also offers unique training programs to reward and retain their top talent, as well as a program that funds and supports senior consultants who wish to work on personal interest projects, thus allowing for more individual opportunities to specialise wherever an individual believes they are best suited.

Bain & Company

The youngest of the ‘Big Three’, Bain & Company was founded in 1973 by a former BCG consultant. Bain has grown rapidly since its creation and has repeatedly been ranked by organisations such as Glassdoor as the #1 best place to work. The company, like its competitors, has worldwide operations and provides consulting services to various public and private sector clients, as well as non-profit organisations.

Bain has distinguished itself from McKinsey and BCG in its expertise and leading work in certain business areas including private equity where they do a lot of commercial due diligence, acquisition strategy and market analysis work. It also has services in digital technology, corporate strategy, operations, growth and innovation, but remains a pioneering company in private equity services.

Bain has provided strategy consulting services to a large number of globally leading companies, including HMRC, Dell, Ford, Starbucks, and many others. Bain has a diverse spread of industries, similar to McKinsey and BCG, with specialised consultants in government services, agribusiness, energy, and particularly financial services and private equity. For a full list of Bain’s industry practices, you can visit their website- here.