What The Interviewer Is Looking For

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Going into interviews, one of the best ways to get ahead is to find out what they are looking for. The best way to do this is to talk to someone that is currently working or has previously worked at the company you are applying to.

The larger the company, the more likely it is that the interviewer will be required to fill in a "scorecard" after your interview. This is to ensure they are looking for the right things, not just going off gut instinct and a candidates scores can be compared fairly with other candidates. Over three or four interviews it is easy to see which candidates are consistently scoring highly.

The kind of things the interviewers will be asked to assess are:

- Attitude

- Understanding of the position

- Technical performance

- Knowledge of the company

These will vary between companies but if you know what they are looking for then you can prepare in a much more purposeful way giving you an advantage over the other candidates. If you do manage to speak to a current or ex-employee of the firm then simply ask them what the interviewers are looking for and more often than not they will be happy to tell you. This insight is simple to get hold of but can be invaluable on the day; it could be the difference between a rejection and an offer.

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