Life As A Graduate Consultant At McKinsey & Co

If you’ve just graduated from University and are hoping to join a worldwide management consulting firm, you might have comes across McKinsey & Company, during your consulting job search. As a global industry leader, McKinsey & Co offer graduate consultants the opportunity to pursue an exciting career as a consultant surrounded by mentors at the top of their fields. In fact, this firm has helped nurture some of the world’s top CEOs and entrepreneurs such as Cheryl Sandbery, COO of Facebook, Sundar Piachai, CEO of Alphabet and Google and James Gorman, CEO of Morgan Stanley.

As Global Managing Partner, Kevin Sneader explains, ‘We are absolutely committed to hiring the very best talent, wherever it is, and creating opportunities to work at McKinsey & Company. That’s why we have honoured all the offers we have made around the world, whether it’s for graduates or interns.’ So if you are curious about what it would be like to work as a graduate consultant at McKinsey & Co, we’re going to shed some light on this interesting and competitive career opportunity.

Graduate Consultant Jobs At Top Consulting Companies

First of all, let’s quickly recap the benefits of applying for one of the top consulting firms as a graduate consultant, rather than trying to make your own way in this competitive world.

Being part on a global consulting firm can help springboard your career within the industry. Picking up skills, expanding your industry knowledge and networking with influential sector leaders will help build your confidence as a newly qualified consultant. If you’re not quite sure which sector to specialise in at the moment, joining a global consulting firm will give you the chance to explore new fields and analyse the fields that interest you, the best sectors for your skills and experience, and the current demand for consultants.

McKinsey & Co are considered the world’s largest management consultancy and they claim to only recruit the best minds from diverse disciplines. This is perhaps why they have been voted the best consulting firm in the world for 14 years in a row. Just imagine what having McKinsey & Co as a previous employer on your CV could do for your future career! Even one year at a leading consulting firm will help open up new opportunities for you in the future, and should you decide to fly solo and launch your own business, this can help you to convince new clients to hire your services!

5 Reasons To Work At McKinsey & Company

Apart from being voted the best consulting firm in the world, let’s explore 5 additional reasons why you should apply for a graduate consulting role at McKinsey & Co.

1: Diverse range of consulting job opportunities. According to their website, McKinsey & Co have roles spanning ten functions and a range of disciplines. In fact, their internal roles are core to running the firm and play an important role in their collective success.

2: If you are searching for a job that will allow you to travel and perhaps live in a different country, McKinsey & Co might be perfect company for you. This global consulting firm has offices in over 65 countries. Immerse yourself in a new city and culture, and expand your horizons through an exciting new career opportunity. The company also offers travel and training retreats to focus on teamwork, problem solving and fun. These excursions are often extended to your significant other too, which is a wonderful perk for couples looking to advance their career and explore new countries together.

3: Respect, teamwork and inclusion make for a positive work environment. Since you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time at work, finding the right office culture is key to your overall happiness and mental wellbeing. McKinsey & Co works hard to ensure that every colleague’s voice is heard and that each individual plays an important role in the collective success of the company.

4: Within the first two years as a graduate consultant, you’ll build up business knowledge and have the opportunity to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. McKinsey invests heavily in supporting their employees. More than $100 million is put towards training their teams each year.

5: Competitive salary for undergraduate applicants. According to Case Coach, for graduate consultants the base salary at McKinsey & Co in London starts from £40,000 and could reach £45,000. This is high compared to graduate salaries in most other fields. For experienced professionals, the salary for a consulting job can increase to over £65,000.

Life As A Consultant Working At McKinsey

Have you ever wondered what working at McKinsey & Co would be like? Well, McKinsey & Co have a number of blog articles on their website highlighting a typical day in the life of a consultant at their firm. This gives hopeful applicants a glimpse into life as a McKinsey & Co employee.

Alice for example, is an associate who has a PhD in medical engineering. In a recent blog post on their website, she praises McKinsey & Co, saying that ‘There are plenty of opportunities for me to learn new things quickly. More importantly, I get to work with smart, collaborative and diverse experts who help me grow.’

Keenan, who studied law at Harvard reveals his personal experience working at McKinsey, ‘At McKinsey, I solve challenging, multi-dimensional problems collaboratively with a team of colleagues who help me to perform beyond my own expectations. In my first year, I supported the business negotiations of CEOs, coached a Chinese client through a complicated, cross-border transaction and led the negotiations of a joint venture with its overseas partners. Along the way, I gained the trust of my clients and developed lifelong friendships.’

Brian Rolfes, the partner in charge of global recruitment for McKinsey & Co believes that ‘there’s no better place to work on challenges facing the world and organisations today. From navigating Covid-19 to protecting the environment, fighting for radical equality and inclusion, leading the way in technical solutions and more. The efforts of McKinsey colleagues matter.’ In 2020, the consulting firm welcomed over 5,000 full-time colleagues and 1,500 interns globally, and they also recently acquired a new cloud consulting firm.

How To Apply For McKinsey & Co Graduate Consultant Roles

If you’d like to apply for a graduate consultant role at McKinsey & Co we are here to help. From fine-tuning your interview technique and social skills, to testing your problem solving abilities through our online hub of free resources and online tests. By investing time into your application process, you will feel better prepared and more confident to apply for a role at this world leading consulting firm, as well as empowered for an upcoming graduate consultant interview.

Start by checking out our dedicated McKinsey problem solving game guide here. This particular test has been used to assess over 15,000 McKinsey applicants, in over 30 different countries. The McKinsey digital assessment will address core skills such as critical thinking, decision making, meta cognition, situation awareness and system thinking. So, give yourself the upper hand and secure your place at this incredible and exciting leading consultancy firm.

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