So you want to get into consulting and could be working on commercial due diligence projects?


Commercial due diligence (CDD) 40 is all the questions you will need to pass the market size stage of the interview. 


  • How big is the market for US holiday parks?
  • How big is the European Shoe market?


The client is looking to validate that the company they are looking to buy is a sensible investment and often that relies on market growth. To answer these types of questions in an interview you need to practice having a solid methodology and reasoning. 

CDD 40

  • We offer a full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase should you not be satisfied with CDD 40 and don't pass the market sizing section of your interview.


Amy, Stanford University

October 2020

I was applying to consulting and investment banking jobs and had failed on a market sizing question.

I found Grad Interview Prep to have the most comprehensive tutorial on market sizing and the 40 practice questions is well worth the money.

I've now had offers from  Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan and A.T. Kearney

James, University of Oxford

September 2020

With upcoming interviews at Bain, BCG and Oliver Wyman I purchased the Consulting Multipack.

It included all the practice questions, frameworks and answers I needed to get ready.

Ultimately I got 2 offers and so I highly recommend the Grad Interview Prep materials - they are by far the best value for money on the internet.

Ciara, Edinburgh University

October 2020

Jonny transformed my CV into something I now feel confident in. The format makes it very easy to read and the information I provide now highlights actions and results rather than describing a list.

I also really valued the 15 minute handover call where Jonny explained the changes he made and taught me how to concisely write about an experience on a CV.

Trusted by 1500+ students in 2020

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