The Grad Interview Prep Consulting Multipack is designed to prepare candidates applying to strategy consulting jobs from boutiques through to McKinsey, Bain and BCG (MBB). 


What is included:

  • Arithmetic 50 - All consulting case interviews require difficult maths sums without the use of a calculator. These 50 arithmetic questions will sharpen your basic maths so that you do not come unstuck by the basics in front of the interviewer.
  • Brainteasers 50 - Brainteasers require lateral thinking and can be difficult to crack however they are often repetitive and these 50 questions are taken from real life consulting examples.
  • Market Sizing 40 - Strategy consultants are often required to size markets for their clients and so it is common that these questions are used as stand alone interview questions or as part of a case interview. Every candidate is expected to be able to size a market quickly and effectively.
  • Case Interview 15 - Every strategy consulting fir