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I do not believe they shut down, but rather moved to a subscriber only model. Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27547987 i was on that game for a long time and the entire game is completely shut down, it was an online only MMO. No way to play it anymore. It's not a subscriber model, it's a subscription model. -People do NOT have to login if they want to play. -The game is still hosted and run by the company who shut down the server. There is still an option in the launcher to login, it's just basically a free-to-play model. They shut down the entire service/servers so they wouldn't have to keep paying a company to host the game, and then people won't have to pay to play.Amphotericin B-associated nephrotoxicity in a premature newborn: a case report. Amphotericin B (AmB) is an antifungal polyene antibiotic, which has been proven effective in the treatment of many fungal infections. The drug is available for intravenous administration in both deoxycholate (AmBd) and liposomal (AmBLip) formulations. Liposomal amphotericin B has been successfully used in the treatment of infants with fungal infections, and its use in neonates has been shown to be safe. We report on a premature newborn who presented with AmB-associated renal tubular damage, which was diagnosed with an elevated blood urea nitrogen and creatinine level, and reduced glomerular filtration rate. We also reviewed the literature for similar reports of nephrotoxicity associated with AmB in neonates and summarized the characteristics of these cases. see what has happened, check the login window on a different user account, or call the VNC applet’s help page for a suggestion. How did I do? I got many things right. I didn’t try to break the remote server, I used the same login name as the VNC server, I used the right password, I protected the VNC connection with the most




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